Summer Football Rules 2015

Boys U8 - U14 and Girls U9 -­ U14 – Competition Rules2015
The following FIFA playing rule is to be observed:
1.         The referee’s decision is final.
NB: The Competition Manager will assist the referees with any clarification required regarding the Competition Rules.
Playing Rules:
2.         Game duration is 2 x 13 mins,2 mins drinksbreak and 2 mins change-over between games.
3.         Each team will field one [1] goal keeper and four [4] field players. Minimum number of players to play is four [4].
4.         Roll on, roll off substitution from halfway line.
5.         Kick-off a goal cannot be scored directly from kickoff.
6.         Ball out of play:
a.        Goal kick – goal keeper kicks the ball off the ground. The opposing team moves into own half behind the half wayline.
b.       Corner kicks – the ball is kicked into play per standardrules.
c.        Ball is over the sideline – the ball is kicked back into play from the ground (position ball on the line where it wentout).
7.         Back pass to goal keeper:
a.        Goal keepers may not handle a back pass from a team mate. An infringement will result in the ball being turned over to the opposition at halfway.

8.       Fouls:

a.        All free kicks are indirect (cannot be a straight shot on goal, the ball has to touch any other player on the way). The opposing team must be at least two [2] steps (measured by referee) away.
b.       A penalty kick may be awarded at the referee’s discretion if an attacking player is denied a clear goal scoring opportunity through a foul by a defending player (e.g. deliberate hand ball by a field player, tackle from behind, slide tackle) in the 3m “box” immediately in front of goal.
c.        Slide tackles are not permitted and will result in a three [3] minutes sin bin for the offending player as well as an indirect free kick or penalty, depending on where the foul tookplace.

Other Rules/Guidelines:
·         Teams to arrive 10mins before kick off to sign in (sign in sheet & field map will be provided on the field near the middlestairs).
·         Bibs will be available near the fields in case of a clash of colour. The team listed second on the draw will wear the bibs. Make sure your team has their bibs on before kick-­‐off  time.
·         Teamsmustbereadytotaketothefieldattheadvertisedkickofftime.  Agoal willbeawardedtothe opposingteamforeachminutethatateamisdelayedafterkickofftime.
·         A team can take to the field with just four players and may borrow from another team in its own age group or the age group below to get to a full team of five [5] players plus one [1]sub.
·         Due to space constraints (we will have 7 fields set up), we ask that one [1] team manager/coach and one [1] other parent per team only to be on the sidelines. All other parents, siblings and other spectators are to please remain up the top near the pavilion or around the perimeter of thefield.
·         Bags in designated bag drop areaonly.
Date: 7th October2015