Why Choose a High Performance Program

Only those coaches who have worked at the very top level are qualified to design such a program. 
With the Central Coast Mariners on board we were able to secure the services of Technical Director, Wayne Sully O’ Sullivan. Sully brings a wealth of experience with him, a former Assistant A League Coach at both Wellington Phoenix and the Central Coast Mariners, plus a W League Coach at the Newcastle Jets.



Sully has designed and delivers a program that.. 

1] allows individual players to achieve their personal goals while in a team environment. 
2] focusses on the individual player's development. 
3] has a genuine player welfare program and monitoring. 
4] regular individual and team reporting and assessment. 
5] players are given opportunities to take on more responsibilities and leadership roles. 
6] players can take advantage of additional training and development opportunities. 
7] players are regularly challenged by playing up age groups. 
8] Additional A League technical guidance. Direct reporting to CC Mariners Head Coach Paul Okon. 

In just two seasons we now have players regularly attending trials for National Youth League. 

In Women, in season 2016 we were able to attract two Matildas and five W League players to our own program. 

Just as our players are now enjoying better coaching and more opportunities so are our coaches. 
Our Head Coach Joe Haywood has already had a season coaching the Central Coast Mariners National Youth League Team. 
Danny Beauchamp has taken a Central Coast / North Shore Mariners team to India. 
All coaches work together and follow the same player development curriculum as designed by Sully. 

So if you want the opportunity to be your best, look to join this unique High Performance Program that has direct and genuine pathway to the top.