Working With Children requirements

Northbridge FC has revised the club's WWC Check requirements. New porcedures apply from Jan 2017 requiring all manager and Coaches to have a WWC Number.

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The Working with Children Check plays an important part in safeguarding children involved in football and in providing a child safe and child friendly sport environment.
  • The WWC Check is a mandatory NSW Government requirement.
  • All paid employees working with children under 18 years MUST have a WWC Number.
  • All volunteers working with children Under 18 MUST have a WWC Number (unless exempt)
  • All clubs with registered players U18 MUST be compliant with the WWC Check.
Northbridge FC have assessed procedures and safety requirements and has decided that we will not offer the exemption to any adult volunteer (18 year and over) The burden of verifying the requirements of the exemption for 400 volunteers would be excessive and the procedure would still be prone to an inadequate verification process. 
Therefore, we ask that every adult volunteer at Northbridge FC obtains a WWC number. As this number lasts 5 years, the one-time effort to obtain this number results in the volunteer not being required to complete and submit Member Protection Form with ID annually. The WWC number is a more reliable screening system than the Member Protection Form. Northbridge FC concludes that in the interest of child safety – this is a far more effective policy.

If you have any questions or concerns in this regard please contact (for general questions)
or our Member Protection Officer at


The following information is an outline of the current requirements for Football NSW, however Northbridgge FC will not be allowing  ADULT expemptions for Volunteer Managers and Coaches.

WWC Information for Volunteers and Workers
  • The WWC Check is a Government requirement applicable to persons who work or volunteer with children.
  • Persons cleared through the WWC Check process are issued with a WWC Number.
  • If you already have a WWC Number, you must provide it to your club.
  • If you do not have a WWC Number, you will need to apply on-line for a WWC Check.
  • Before applying refer to the exemptions list (below) as some people are exempt from the WWC Check.
  • A WWC Check is free for volunteers.
  • An $80 fee is payable for a WWC Check if you are in a paid position.
To Apply for a WWC Check
2.     Once you have applied on line you will receive an Application (APP) number and other information.
3.     Take your APP Number and Proof of ID to a Motor Registry.  
4.     Application Fee:  If you are in a paid position you will pay $80 at the motor registry for your Check.  
5.     The WWC Check is free for volunteers.
6.     Within approximately 2 weeks of visiting the motor registry you should receive your WWC Number by email.
7.     You must then provide your WWC Number to your club and your date of birth so they can be verified.
WWC Exemptions
Exemptions in sport include:
  • Persons under 18 years of age
  • Referees
  • Volunteer parents who only coach or manage their own child's team
  • Volunteers who only coach or manage a close relative's team  (see definition below)   
  • Canteen managers, canteen workers and caterers
  • Grounds persons
"Close Relative" - A spouse or de facto partner of the person; or a child, step-child, sibling, step-sibling, parent, step-parents, grandparent, step-grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew of the person.
For more information about Exemptions click here
What do Exempt Persons sign?
  • Exempt persons must complete a FNSW Member Protection Declaration and provide it to their club.  
  • Referees must complete a MPD form and provided it to their Referee Branch.  
  • Only persons exempt from the WWC are permitted to provide a MPD form instead of a WWC Number.