Coaching Plans

Northbridge FC - Coaching Resources

The following resources have been prepared to assist NFC coaches provide more valuable training sessions to Northbridge FC Players.These guides follow the FFA Curriculum. 

Please feel free to download and print. These are large documents and will take a bit longer to download.

 NFC has prepared Model Training Sessions that can be viewed in the following documents.

 - NFC - Discovery Phase Model Sessions

 - NFC - Skills Acquisition Phase Model Sessions

 - NFC - Game Training Phase Model Sessions

To ensure the FFA Cirriculum is followed, NFC has also prepared a Football Coaching Plan that rotates the model sessions in the above documents over a 6 week period with 3 sessions per week. This plan can be adjusted for teams training less than 3 sessions per week.
- NFC - Skills Acquisition Program

- NFC - Game Training Program

The FFA Skills Participant Manual is an excellent resouce 
- FFA Skills Training Participant Manual

If you have any questions, please email or ask Larry Bates or Joe Haywood when you see them free between training sessions.


Other Training Material available:

Northbridge FC Circuit Training 03.04.11

Northbridge FC Circuit Training 25.05.11

Northbridge FC Notes Coaching Children 29.03.11